Time may be life’s most scarce resource for busy executives today. There never seems to be enough hours in the day, whether that is as a corporate leader in a successful organisation, or managing the wide array of diverse challenges when running your own business. Why is this? As not only can you travel to places more easily today, technology should also be helping you by enabling you to work quicker and smarter.

But the reality for many is that on top of the time spent at work, it can also be very difficult to ever fully switch off from work. There is pressure to quickly reply to that latest email, or keeping an eye on your notifications to ensure you don’t miss anything important. Having time to spend with our families and doing the things we love is a precious asset, and sometimes it comes a poor second when managing a busy work schedule.

What has this to do with financial planning? Well first of all, structured financial planning enables you to get organised in your financial life. It helps you to streamline your finances and not waste time on valueless financial tasks, particularly essential when your time is such a precious asset. But most importantly, a high quality financial planning process helps you to identify what is important to you and what your goals are in life.

By understanding the life that you want to live, a picture can be developed of the financial resources required to achieve that desired life. When you have a picture of the “cost” of your future life, you can see how affordable it is. For many busy executives or business owners, this can be very revealing. This is where excellent financial planning often comes back to choice around how you spend your time. For example, business owners often discover that they will have enough – enough money to do the things they want to do in life; maybe to retire at a certain age or indeed spend less time continuing to build a business at the expense of time with their family. Why spend every minute in work, foregoing the time with your family, when you already have enough money to live the life you want? This is your choice.

For many busy executives, by simply knowing that they have or will have enough money to live life on their own terms frees their thinking. They are then working because they choose to work, and not because of a misguided belief that they must spend every minute worrying about work. An excellent financial planning approach will then enable you to run different life scenarios – will I have enough if I retire two years earlier than planned, can I afford that holiday home in Portugal or will I have enough money should I ever get really ill? Knowing that you have or will have enough money frees your mind of worry, and allows you spend time on your terms, as you choose to spend it.

Excellent financial planning is not just about identifying and costing your dreams, there is also an important financial management element to it. This ensures your money is working as hard for you as it possibly can, and your assets are invested by specialists who deeply understand your investment requirements and preferences. You also need to know that you have an expert in your corner, minding you financially and guiding you to make wise decisions in relation to your entire financial life. This expert will guide you through the big challenges and decisions, whether it is selling a business, transferring wealth to your family or achieving tax efficiency in estate planning.

At Acuvest, we are honoured to be entrusted by our clients to provide advice on more than €3.5bn of assets. We humbly suggest that this is a strong endorsement of the care and attention taken by our broad team of financial and investment specialists. Our clients also welcome our fee-based approach, which provides value and fairness in our fee structure, and clarity and transparency for you and your organisation.

Using our own bespoke AdvisorPro process, our focus is squarely on you and your desired outcomes, whether that is living life to the full or achieving the retirement you want. For many busy executives, it is simply removing the need to spend time organising and worrying about your financial life, and instead freeing you to spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

Is it time for you and your leadership team to discover how expert financial planning can enable you to live your life to the full, to the benefit of your business and most importantly yourself?

If you would like to find out more about AdvisorPro please contact Aengus Moran, Investment Advisor, on 01 634 4807 or email directly at aengusm@acuvest.ie.  To read more about AdvisorPro click here.