The world of financial planning has evolved enormously around the globe in recent years. As part of this evolution, a small band of specialist financial planners in Ireland have built expertise in helping clients achieve their best life possible, through careful development and implementation of lifetime financial plans. At Acuvest we developed our own bespoke in-house financial planning approach, which we call AdvisorPro.

What has this to do with your future life? Everything. Because it is our belief that the purpose of financial planning is to enable you to live the very best life that you possibly can. A financial plan is not about products, indeed it is only partly about money. What determines the real success of an excellent financial plan is the clarity of life goals, and the roadmap to then achieving those goals. It’s at that point that money might come into the picture.

Our team of specialist advisors assist you in identifying and then achieving your desired future life by applying our AdvisorPro approach.

We build the picture

We start by getting to know you and building a deep understanding of your goals in life, both for you and your family. We help you visualise what your future might look like – examples include where you may live, if and when you will stop working, how much you will travel and how you might want to share your wealth to positively impact others in your family.

If you haven’t thought about these sort of questions, what’s the purpose of your current financial plan? Is it just to build up as big a sum of money as possible when you retire, with no idea of whether it will enable the life you want…or not?

We walk very carefully through this phase, as your goals in life will be central to our work with you over the years to come. We also will then ask you lots of questions about your circumstances today as we need to understand where you currently are on your journey towards the life that you want.

We model scenarios and discuss “What If”.

This is where the magic happens! We take all of this information away, make sense of it all and then plot whether you are on track or not to achieve the life you want. For some lucky clients, this might be us demonstrating how you can already afford the life that you want and can stop working  – today in some cases…

For many other clients, we may be setting out what you need to do from a financial perspective to achieve the life that you want. This might mean continuing to fund your retirement, reduce your expenses or review your investment strategy. For some people, it might mean reviewing their goals. The real value of the AdvisorPro approach is that we can model all sorts of different scenarios for you. This is where we listen to your “What if we do…” questions, and show you the impact on your plan in real time.

Ongoing engagement and guidance

Your financial plan is a journey that you will travel for the rest of your life as you identify, work towards, and achieve your goals. And then set new goals with our help.

We’ll be with you every step of the way, reviewing your plan, providing you with the necessary insights and keeping you on track. Your finances rarely progress through life in a straight line, so we place a lot of importance on our ongoing engagement with you to ensure you continue your progress towards your objectives.

We make it easy for you

Another important feature of the AdvisorPro approach is that we have a clever and secure digital capability for you to review your plan yourself and examine different assumptions and scenarios in your own time. Rather than always waiting for our next meeting, this enables you to play around with ideas and scenarios yourself, seeing the impact they will have on your financial plan.

Is it time for you to discover how expert financial planning can enable you to live your life to the full? What does “living life to the full” mean to you and what does your future life look like? It might just be time to find out.

If you would like to find out more about AdvisorPro please contact Aengus Moran, Investment Advisor, on 01 634 4807 or email directly at  To read more about AdvisorPro click here