As companies today fight to recruit and retain talented people, helping them to maximise their financial wellbeing is emerging as an important and valued initiative. Executives today may have excellent reward packages, but often lack the time to manage their financially affairs as tightly as they should, and to optimise their financial potential.

For many companies, you know that you have excellent employee benefits in place for your senior team, and that these executives can get on with managing the business, without unnecessarily worrying about the retirement, life cover and health plans that are in place. However, the more progressive companies today are building on these strong benefit packages, and are enabling the maximum financial wellbeing possible for their executives. The result is more clarity for executives of their entire financial profile, less unnecessary stress about their finances and more productive time spent in the workplace. This in turn leads to a more attractive environment for executives, which aids the recruitment and retention of top talent.

Building financial wellness
At Acuvest, we first of all endorse quality employee benefit solutions that are in place, and support your commitment to providing excellent benefits for your senior people. But we also know from experience that these benefits are only one important element of an overall financial strategy, that can significantly impact the financial wellness of executives. Expert financial planning offers the opportunity to maximise the value of these benefits, by wrapping a comprehensive, bespoke financial plan around them that encompasses an individual’s entire financial life. We call this service AdvisorPro.

Expert financial planning is a process of building a deep understanding of an executive’s financial ambitions and what they want to achieve during their working life and into retirement. The interactive and engaging planning process then pulls together a picture of their financial position and current flight path, before plotting out a course to organise, simplify and optimise their personal financial future, while focusing on what the individual would like to do in the years ahead, and to help them get the most out of life’s journey to and through their retirement years. A comprehensive financial plan incorporates their personal finances and investments, and employee benefits such as their company pension and share options and the process clarifies the inherent value within the company’s excellent employee benefit solutions. This helps to demonstrate the way their journey towards their optimal financial life, is being facilitated by their supportive employer.

In the last 18 months, financial wellness has jumped up the priority list of many individuals, either as the result of a change in their financial circumstances, or in some cases from experiencing health issues impacting themselves or family members. Your executives work hard – they want the security of understanding their entire financial picture, and simply knowing that they will have enough financial resources, whatever happens in life.

As part of building financial wellness, executives are also guided in investing surplus financial assets wisely, to support their overall financial plan.

Change is inevitable and welcome
As we have seen in recent times, change happens suddenly and without warning. With this, an executive’s role and remuneration may change, benefits might change, their family profile might alter or they may be the fortunate recipient of an inheritance or other financial windfall. In addition, we are all only too aware of how volatile investment markets can be, changing the look of people’s personal balance sheets, especially during downturns. Some of these life events can cause stress and worry, and potentially impact their performance in the workplace. Regular review meetings are a crucial element of a well-developed financial planning process. This is the opportunity to test different “what if” scenarios and the impact if these events, as well to explore new emerging opportunities. With Acuvest’s AdvisorPro service, formal annual review and regular check-in meetings are an integral part of the service, with other touchpoints during the year.

Companies today are seeking innovative solutions to attract, reward and retain the best people. Now is the time to consider the value for both company and individuals of expert financial planning, and how it can help your people to achieve financial wellbeing, for the benefit of all.

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