Acuvest, under John Tuohy’s leadership, has defined my investment experience with their exceptional service and expert guidance. John’s integrity, trustworthiness, and credibility shine through, providing a sense of security that’s invaluable to me. His consistent investment philosophy, infused with a deep understanding of my own investment objectives and risk requirements resonates deeply with me. I particularly value his willingness to challenge my ideas when necessary—his track record speaks for itself.

The team’s attentiveness and exceptional service only enhance this experience, with each year surpassing the last. Their understanding of my entire financial landscape — not just my investments that they advise me on — is comprehensive and adds significant value. The fairness and value of Acuvest’s fee structure are clear, reaffirming my decision each quarter during our insightful meetings and whenever I read their excellent monthly newsletter. With Acuvest, I’m confident in a partnership that grows stronger over time.

Jim O’Hara, Retired General Manager – Intel Ireland.