As I approached retirement in 2023, with my pension fund and property assets in hand, I recognised the need for guidance on diversification. John Tuohy and Acuvest were excellent from the beginning, offering me a sense of genuine care and attention. John’s client-centric approach has instilled in me the confidence that my interests are always his priority.

Acuvest’s expertise in the field is unquestionable. Their advice has led me to achieving a robust investment portfolio, designed to withstand varying market conditions, which brings me great comfort. The general financial planning guidance I’ve received has been invaluable, allowing me to enhance our family wealth and support my children effectively.

The regular meetings and reports I receive are insightful, and I’m particularly impressed with Acuvest’s acute market awareness. The monthly investment updates and newsletters are not just informative but engaging, contributing significantly to my investment education.

Most importantly, Acuvest shows they truly care. Their focus on optimising my outcomes is evident in every interaction, affirming my trust in their stewardship of my pension and personal finances.

David M. Murphy, Dublin