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2020 in Numbers

The Year of COVID-19 2020 was the year Covid-19 arrived and while thankfully the rollout of vaccines has started, we are still unfortunately in the midst of a difficult period. Globally: Over 92m cases 2m Deaths Economies came to a shuddering halt Markets wobbled but... read more

A Second Opinion on ETV’s for professionals

Rebekah Brady, Head of Pensions and Institutional Advice at Acuvest explains why good financial advice is about helping you focus on what matters most to you and importantly provides a framework that is personal to you and your family, enabling you to make decisions.... read more

The relationships that make life work better

We’ve been looking at some very interesting research about what contributes to our feelings of well-being in later life. You might expect that, at age 50, the best predictor of how healthy and happy we’ll be in our 80s depends on a cholesterol level. Or how healthy... read more

Finance the life you want

“Waste neither time nor money but make the best use of both” – Benjamin Franklin. Irish people are living around five years longer than at the turn of the century. This means that men have an average age of 78.4 year while women can expect to live to 82.8 years. While... read more

Do you have ‘Financial Freedom?

Do you have financial freedom and would you recognise it if you did? Rebekah Brady explains all. Most of us have memories of going into a sweet shop with money in our pockets. We had a choice on how we used that money. We could spend it all on one large expensive item... read more

Why work with a financial advisor?

John Tuohy, CEO of Acuvest and new service product AdvisorPro, explains why good financial advice is about helping you focus on what matters to you most. Good financial advice is about much more than balancing your books. In fact, I would go as far as saying it’s a... read more

The cost of dashing through life

New technologies, better infrastructure and more efficient machinery all have the power to make our lives easier and in many ways they do. Put that together with the fact that advances in medicine mean we’re all living longer and you’d expect we’d find ourselves with... read more

How to have the time of your life

We all know the expression ‘time is money’. In our view, time is way more valuable. Of course, there’s no doubt money is important. But its greatest power, is that it gives you power to finance the life you want to live. These days we are all ‘on’ 24/7. Downtime for... read more