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The cost of dashing through life

New technologies, better infrastructure and more efficient machinery all have the power to make our lives easier and in many ways they do. Put that together with the fact that advances in medicine mean we’re all living longer and you’d expect we’d find ourselves with... read more

How to have the time of your life

We all know the expression ‘time is money’. In our view, time is way more valuable. Of course, there’s no doubt money is important. But its greatest power, is that it gives you power to finance the life you want to live. These days we are all ‘on’ 24/7. Downtime for... read more

Let’s talk about Time v Money

Recently, we’ve been thinking about the value we put on time and how we choose to spend it. It’s a very modern question. After all, you’d imagine that having access to new technologies and labour-saving devices (ones our grandparents could only dream of) would free us... read more