An Eye On

Acuvest’s look at topical pension scheme and investment market issues.

Choice: an opportunity or a burden?

  John Tuohy, Acuvest CEO Life was simpler 30 years ago. Back in the days before the Thatcher/Reagan revolution that changed consumer culture in the western world, there was pretty much one place to get a particular item. In Ireland, for example, we had P&T,... read more

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Our new series, An Eye On, continues with a look at how Death in Service (DIS), benefits can help those you leave behind. Paul King explains all.   WHAT will happen to your pension benefits when you die is not the most endearing of subjects. Yet it is hugely... read more

Ethical Investing: The moral of the story

In the second instalment of our new series, An Eye On, Paul King takes on the issue of Ethical Investing and how it must be used responsibly.   People carrying out their business in line with their personal beliefs and convictions – in other words, being ethical... read more

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