New technologies, better infrastructure and more efficient machinery all have the power to make our lives easier and in many ways they do. Put that together with the fact that advances in medicine mean we’re all living longer and you’d expect we’d find ourselves with an abundance of free time to spend doing the things we love.

Yet instead we find ourselves working longer hours, taking on more – constantly on call to the very technology that is there to serve us. Our time is fragmented. We feel under pressure and our wellbeing is undermined. At its simplest, a life can be viewed as a ‘dash’ between two dates. The date we are born and the date we die. What we do with that dash is up to us. The challenge is to truly value that time, to understand that it is the most precious commodity we have and choose to spend it on what matters most to us and to our families.

Life’s transitions, such as a career change, a decision to sell or start up a business, or to work less hours, are a great opportunity to step back and look at how the money we work so hard for can enable us to live the life we want. Imagine the peace-of-mind and enhanced ability to make life decisions that would come with figuring out exactly how much is enough.

To know that your finances can fund your future plans and open up new opportunities. Our role is to work with people to make that a reality, so you can find value in every minute of that ‘dash’, filling it with everything that is important to you and those around you. Because we know it’s not the money we end up with that contributes to our wellbeing. It’s what we choose to do with it.

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