Do you have financial freedom and would you recognise it if you did? Rebekah Brady explains all.

Most of us have memories of going into a sweet shop with money in our pockets. We had a choice on how we used that money. We could spend it all on one large expensive item or purchase several smaller pieces (usually penny sweets).

This is financial freedom.

We might have hoped for more money to buy more sweets but we had enough to buy something – that was the feeling of financial freedom (although in the Brady household you were never allowed to buy either skittles or coca cola so complete autonomy was never fully granted!)

Money still enables choices later in life, but it becomes more difficult to make financially informed decisions. Those childhood spending sprees were easily translated – 25 penny sweets equalled one bottle of Cavan Cola – but as adults, getting a handle on how much money you will need to maintain the lifestyle you want for the rest of your life is an infinitely more complex question. And yet these are the questions we need to consider before we make significant life changes.

At Acuvest, we have developed AdvisorPro to help our clients with these decisions. We provide financial insight and advice to enable our clients to take financially informed life changing decisions.

We purposely don’t sell any products so our advice can remain independent and you can trust that our sole focus is to help you live the life you want. Whether it’s a life of penny cola bottles or a retirement filled full of Ferrero Rocher we provide ongoing financial input to help you take financially astute life decisions.

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