We all know the expression ‘time is money’. In our view, time is way more valuable. Of course, there’s no doubt money is important. But its greatest power, is that it gives you power to finance the life you want to live.

These days we are all ‘on’ 24/7. Downtime for many of us has become a distant dream. So, while we appreciate the benefits money can bring, we find having time to enjoy them is a luxury beyond our means.

Despite rising incomes, people are feeling increasingly time poor which undermines our sense of wellbeing. In fact, according to recent research, the world’s wealthiest nations are not necessarily the world’s happiest ones. For example, Qatar (with a GDP per capita of $127k) reports lower levels of happiness than Costa Rica (GDP per capita $15,400).

How to have the time of your life - AdvisorPro Acuvest

Money is a catalyst. It’s at the heart of the decisions you make about your future. But it can also be the compass that directs you and your future life one way or another. An important question to ask therefore is “How is this money changing the way I spend my time?”

It’s interesting that people who set aside some disposable income to literally buy themselves time – availing of a service that frees them to do something they value – feel happier at the end of the day. A move that contributes to an overall feeling of wellbeing. Of course, so too does knowing that your financial situation is both secure and flexible enough to negotiate any changes ahead.

The help and guidance we offer our clients, whether busy individuals or companies providing an extra level of care to their executives, is the same. A clear and simple route to organising and optimising finances that establishes the most beneficial way for you to live the life you want to live.

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