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2020 in Numbers

The Year of COVID-19 2020 was the year Covid-19 arrived and while thankfully the rollout of vaccines has started, we are still unfortunately in the midst of a difficult period. Globally: Over 92m cases 2m Deaths Economies came to a shuddering halt Markets wobbled but... read more

In Vogue Defined Benefit Pension Products

In Vogue Defined Benefit Pension Products – Is it a product? Is it a service? Is it advice? (sadly it is not a superhero coming to solve all Scheme woes!) Ten years ago, much of the Irish Defined Benefit Pension universe was in the throes of section 50’s, funding... read more

Practical tips from a lifetime of investing experience

Plan, plan and plan again is the basis of investing Investing isn’t a short-term pick-a-stock, pick-a-market game that’s measured over days or weeks or even months. Instead, the secret is to plan ahead, to remain measured and consider investments over periods of at... read more

Are equity markets disconnected from economic reality?

Yes, equities are disconnected but don’t forget the real reason for investing. You can stay up all night theorising about what’s driving equity markets, but the main thing to consider is how your investments support your lifestyle choices and aspirations – that’s the... read more

ETVs and You

Damian Cooper looks at the importance of tailoring ETVs for pension members. Enhanced transfer value exercises, or ETVs, made the headlines in July when the UK’s pensions watchdog, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), fined a compliance oversight officer £75,000 for... read more