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What are you getting for the charges you are paying

Are you getting Value for Money from your pensions and investments? When choosing where to invest your pension or personal money, you should think carefully about the investment costs and not just the potential for profit. Sometimes fees, or the costs of your... read more

Boost your financial plan by reducing your tax bill

Over the course of our recent articles, we’ve explored the important themes of the benefits of a structured financial plan and your retirement outlook. With both themes, we’ve identified the importance of recognising that a successful financial plan needs to be... read more

When can I retire?

This is the question we’re probably asked most frequently by senior executives in large organisations. You tend to work pretty long hours and carry a lot of responsibility, while at the same time thriving in the role and enjoying being at the sharp end of big... read more

Financial planning is not about products

Here’s a typical scenario that we’ve been seeing of late. An investor goes to a wealth manager for advice on how to invest their surplus cash, as bank deposits are no longer attractive. They might be seeking advice as a result of maxing out on pensions, selling a... read more

What does your future life look like?

The world of financial planning has evolved enormously around the globe in recent years. As part of this evolution, a small band of specialist financial planners in Ireland have built expertise in helping clients achieve their best life possible, through careful... read more

The value of financial planning for busy executives

Time may be life’s most scarce resource for busy executives today. There never seems to be enough hours in the day, whether that is as a corporate leader in a successful organisation, or managing the wide array of diverse challenges when running your own business. Why... read more

2020 in Numbers

The Year of COVID-19 2020 was the year Covid-19 arrived and while thankfully the rollout of vaccines has started, we are still unfortunately in the midst of a difficult period. Globally: Over 92m cases 2m Deaths Economies came to a shuddering halt Markets wobbled but... read more