Recently, we’ve been thinking about the value we put on time and how we choose to spend it. It’s a very modern question. After all, you’d imagine that having access to new technologies and labour-saving devices (ones our grandparents could only dream of) would free us up to enjoy more of the things we love doing. Instead, it seems we’re putting that time into working longer hours and taking on more commitments. The truth is with technology like the smart phone we never really switch off – always alert to emails, social media updates or What’s App messages. So perhaps it’s not so surprising that people today talk of being time poor, under pressure to fit in something more. And, of course, that undermines our sense of wellbeing.

Studies are finding that time is our most precious, and arguably most under-valued, commodity. So it’s important that we stop and take stock of what we really want. To look at the opportunities the money we’ve worked so hard for can now provide for us. Often, it’s a life transition such as a career change, a plan to sell or set-up a business, or to work less that pushes us to examine what really matters to us and to our families.

That’s why we love what we do – working with people as they make those plans a reality, helping them to look at ‘how much is enough’. Just imagine the peace of mind that could bring. It’s a service more and more employers are offering their executives too.

Because figuring out what money we actually need opens up all sorts of possibilities. And when we feel good about our finances our feelings of wellbeing improve too. We believe that is the true value of money. It buys us time. How we spend that time is what determines the life we live and the memories we leave behind.

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