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Helping companies transition to a simpler, more effective pension structure

As companies grow and evolve, they often end up with a mix of different pension schemes. Over the years Acuvest has worked with leading companies on large, complex pension projects ranging from scheme wind ups, managing Defined Benefit enhanced transfer value initiatives through to the design of best in class Defined Contribution schemes. This experience, combined with our investment expertise, is why we are well positioned to help companies think through and develop a strategy that is right for their business.

We support employers in answering those important, strategic questions.

  • Can we simplify our pension structure and reduce the number of schemes we have?
  • Can we reduce the size (and thus the potential future cost) of the Defined Benefit scheme(s)?
  • Other than our existing providers (who will be impacted by any changes), what firm has the expertise and experience to advise us? We can use our existing providers for some of the implementation, but we need a firm that is independent to help us with the strategy and oversight of any changes.
  • How can we run our pension scheme(s) as efficiently and effectively as possible, to maximise the benefit being realised by our past and present employees, rather than service providers, from the resources that we are investing over time?


We build a deep understanding of your current pension structure and the attaching risks & costs.


We define what the ideal future pension structure can look like – your ideal “Tomorrow” picture.


We identify the steps required to move from today’s structure to Tomorrow’s ideal structure.


Jointly agree the route forwards and set out the implementation stages and expectations.


We support you in making the change, and guide you through the steps and over any hurdles.


We review the process with you, to ensure all benefits are fully realised.

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