John Tuohy, CEO of Acuvest and new service product AdvisorPro, explains why good financial advice is about helping you focus on what matters to you most.


Good financial advice is about much more than balancing your books. In fact, I would go as far as saying it’s a key enabler to living the life you want.

  • When you are extremely busy – as tends to be the case when you are a business owner, self-employed professional like a doctor or barrister, or a senior company executive – your household finances and long-term planning can often take a back seat. A good financial advisor will help address that imbalance without costing you lots of your time.
  • A relationship with a financial advisor is not just about money. It will help provide a structure and a plan, so you have greater financial peace of mind and the time to enjoy your life.
  • The process involves understanding your current situation but is also forward looking helping to identify life’s opportunities and better evaluate options around key transitions like selling a business, retiring or reducing working hours, adjusting your non-executive director roles or getting your affairs in order.
  • When we make important financial choices in life most of us look for a source of expertise and guidance to help us take well informed decisions that are right for us and our families. That is what professional, holistic financial advice is for.

Making a positive difference in people’s lives is our focus when we provide ongoing advice. The benefits are plentiful because you will have:

  • An increased sense of security;
  • Tools to ensure both partners in a relationship are involved and comfortable with the household financial picture and what those finances can enable;
  • Flexibility, because things change as we live our lives and plans should adapt to remain relevant and helpful;
  • And protection from making behavioural mistakes.

This last bullet point reminds me that many in-depth studies have been completed to measure the value of advice. I will summarise some of their key findings and provide references to these studies in my next post.

Until then… #Livethelifeyouwant.


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