Our client, the Digital Marketing Institute, business model relies on having the most up-to-date thinking and teaching methods available to meet the demands of a global market-place. People are at the heart of the delivery of their service and they focus on ensuring that culture supports the team in achieving both their work and personal career goals.

The Challenge

“It is a constant challenge to attract and retain top talent. We provide a lot of the traditional benefits and like many other businesses we know these are now table-stakes and can be easily matched. We are very awake to the fact we have a relatively young workforce that is hugely mobile, we are always looking for an edge to provide benefits that make a difference in their personal lives.”

The Solution

“We ask a lot from key people. We suspected that like most professionals they get so busy in work that things like personal finances and long-term planning can get neglected. It can be hard to figure out what the long-term reward is when work is all consuming. We felt we could differentiate by offering a private opt-in financial planning service for key individuals.”

“I’ve got significant peace of mind and value from the time I have spent with the Acuvest team. They make it incredibly easy to bring a life’s worth of niggles and pieces of my financial jigsaw to the table and are helping me think through what I value most and how what I’m doing now in my career is going to deliver that for me.”
A Digital Marketing Institute Executive

The Benefit

“We wanted to provide something new that we felt could make an impact. We could have gone down the traditional provider route and organised a once-off event but we wanted to ensure the highest standards of ongoing advice without worrying that our people were going to be sold to. The Acuvest team have developed AdvisorPro to be used in combination with all existing relationships and we found that to be truly unique. We operate a very visual online business and so we also really liked the use of the clear financial graphics and online visual representation for each person.”

The Results

“While DMI pays their subscription, the service is confidential between Acuvest and our people. So, we never expected to hear a huge amount. What we do know is that people have commented on the service being very valuable to them. They particularly like the approach and the fact that it is about them, not about being sold products. We can also see other changes such as people taking fuller advantage of our retirement savings scheme and having a better understanding of the value of other benefits that may seem far in the future.”

“We know the path we are on to take this business to the next level. That requires our key people to be with us 100% over a sustained time period. Helping people to look ahead and have confidence in what it is possible to get from life is hugely motivational on that journey.”
Ken Fitzpatrick, Digital Marketing Institute CEO

Would you recommend AdvisorPro?

“People are our most important asset and we are constantly competing for talent. AdvisorPro helps us evidence that we are focussed on supporting our people. The underlying premise and approach that helps people look forward and think about the life they want is compelling and hugely beneficial. The fact that we are now rolling this out to more people probably tells you everything.”

AdvisorPro is a new and exciting employee benefit which enables Executives to look ahead and know how to get the most from life when work can seem all-consuming.

With AdvisorPro your employees will have a partner to help look out for their interests, peer into the future and help them consider all key financial issues, challenges and decisions allowing them to focus on driving your business.