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Ensuring schemes are fit for purpose and capable of efficiently and effectively providing those retirement benefits for its members

Companies who have invested time and resources into putting a system in place to provide retirement savings for their employees need to be sure that they are getting the best possible return on that investment. The advent of ever-increasing regulatory requirements is continuing to increase the requirements on Companies and Scheme Trustees to ensure that the schemes that they are associated with are well managed and governed.

Our in-depth knowledge and experience in providing advice on managing investments, and designing and managing pension schemes themselves, allows us to provide feedback to companies and trustees on how their scheme(s) compare with best practice, so they can assess their degree of satisfaction with their existing service provider(s), identify areas for improvement, and potential for saving costs or generating better efficiencies on members’ retirement savings, either immediately, or over time.

With most schemes not having the benefit of full-time executive resources, Trustees, and ultimately the Scheme Members, are largely dependent on the sponsoring employer and outsourced service providers to perform the tasks associated with the running of the scheme. Our review focuses on the framework that is in place governing these activities and the way in which this framework, and the management of the Scheme by the Trustees, is in line with regulatory requirements, codes of governance and industry best practice.


Decision Making

Supporting and guiding trustee boards to enable effective decision making relating to the scheme structure and operations.

Member Communication

Overseeing and ensuring trustees deliver all required member communications in a timely manner.

Member Engagement

Assisting the trustee board in building engagement of members with the benefits of the pension scheme.

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