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Live the life you want in retirement

As retirement approaches, careful planning is increasingly important to determine how to fund your desired lifestyle and income needs in retirement and how to achieve this in a tax efficient way. At Acuvest, we understand the importance of planning for life after your retirement begins. We plan the optimal transition into retirement for you, and then guide you throughout your later years to ensure you live the life you want. We believe that having a suitable and robust investment plan leads to better outcomes and can provide peace of mind into your retirement years.

How we work with you

Tax Efficiency Maximised

Tax saving opportunities maximised through pension planning, as retirement approaches and through retirement.

Retirement Options Strategy

Careful consideration of the retirement options available to you, including how they are impacted if you plan to retire overseas.

Retirement Structure Choice

Selection of the optimal Approved Retirement Fund (ARF) solution and investment options, to best meet your needs in retirement.

Drawdown Strategy

Your future cashflows are analysed into your later life to ensure you never run out of money and you live the life you want.

Aligned Investment Strategy

Your investment strategy is aligned with your retirement plan to meet your income needs throughout retirement.

Your Acuvest Advisor

Your single dedicated investment advisor provides ongoing advice and guidance throughout retirement.

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