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Provide for those you love

Transferring your wealth to your loved ones in a tax efficient manner is an important financial challenge for families today. With potential business assets, property and financial assets to be transferred, the tax liabilities can be significant. Careful advance planning and action at the right time can deliver tax efficiency and ensure your wealth remains in the hands of those that you love.

How we can help


Understand the potential and important role of gifting in your wealth transfer strategy.

Tax Relief Opportunities

Consider the potential reliefs in relation to private dwellings, farms and business succession.

Legacy Planning & Giving

Consider the role of philanthropy and charitable giving as part of your estate planning.

Pension Fund Assets

Understand the different tax treatments that apply on death to various pension structures, and timing considerations of drawing your pension.

Life Assurance

Discover the benefits of life assurance opportunities, designed specifically to pay inheritance tax on behalf of your dependents.

Investment Portfolios

Understand the different tax treatments of life assurance funds and other investment structures and the potential impacts at death.

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