Engaging an independent investment advisor like Acuvest can be a transformative decision, reaping benefits far beyond helping to manage your investments. Unbiased advice, personalised strategy, continuous monitoring, helping to avoid behavioural mistakes and peace of mind are key benefits of working with a good advisor. But, can these benefits be quantified? In short, yes. Numerous international studies have been completed that provide empirical evidence underscoring the tangible value independent advice delivers over time.

Objective Advice & Personalised Strategy

Acuvest and other truly independent advisors aim to provide objective, customised financial advice. We aren’t tied to particular products, providers or funds, allowing us to develop strategies purely designed to improve your situation. A 2019 study by the International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK) emphasises the long-term value of personalised advice, showing that advised individuals had significantly more liquid financial assets and pension wealth than their unadvised peers.

Transparency & Cost-Effectiveness

Transparency is important to Acuvest and a hallmark of independent advice. This means operating on a fee-based structure agreed in advance, offering clarity without hidden costs and no commissions from providers. But what about the benefit compared to the cost? Vanguard’s 2022 report, “Advisor’s Alpha,” addresses this question by suggesting that advisors can add about 3% p.a. in net returns for their clients through strategic financial guidance.

Investment Selection & Portfolio Rebalancing

Another significant aspect of our service is the broad range of investment options we have access to and bring to the table. Being able to pick the best building blocks for you enables the construction of a more robust portfolio.

Behavioural Coaching

One of the most significant ways we add value for clients is the role we play in mitigating behavioural investment mistakes. Emotional responses can significantly influence investment decisions, often to the detriment of long-term financial goals. Advisors provide a level-headed perspective, helping you avoid common pitfalls such as panic selling or overconfidence. In fact, a 2022 Russell Investments US report claims advisors can add 4.9% p.a. value to their clients, with almost half of that being attributable to helping clients avoid behavioural mistakes.

Long-Term Benefits of Advice

The compelling evidence continues with the 2010, 2014 and 2018 CIRANO studies, which found that the assets of advised clients were at least 2.3 times greater than those of non-advised clients over a 15-year period, underlining the long-term wealth-building benefits of ongoing advice. At Acuvest we are certainly focused on making a positive impact on our clients’ lives and helping them do more for themselves and their family.

Peace of Mind

Lastly, we understand our role in helping to bring peace of mind. With the complexities of the investment landscape, having a trusted professional navigate these intricacies is important. This allows you to focus on life’s other aspects, knowing that you have a trusted partner helping you optimise your finances.


At Acuvest we do more than help manage your investments; we partner with you. We provide personalised, unbiased advice designed to avoid common investment pitfalls. The value of truly independent investment advice is quantifiable, and over time should easily surpass the cost. The evidence from various international studies supports the view that such an alliance, over the long term, can significantly enhance financial prosperity and peace of mind.

If you’re ready to see the difference independent advice can make in your life, email us at wealth@acuvest.ie or call us at 01 634 4510 to start your financial journey with Acuvest today.